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Economic fluctuations and changes in business trends affect goals and allocations set by a company, be it in terms of financial plans or marketing strategies implemented.

One of the biggest expenses in any facility is buying equipment to run the house. With more and more companies aiming to generate and improve its sales at minimal cost despite economic conditions, various markets such as Food Processing, Laboratory, Medical, and Industrial are leaning to cost-effective, budget friendly, and practical used equipment to meet industry requirements. A very popular option nowadays and covering a wide range of industries, purchasing Used Equipment help facilities save on instrument upgrades and get replacement units faster therefore efficiently meeting market demands.

SCI Global Services supports the Used Equipment Industry by designing and managing innovative websites custom-built to what the market demands, following conversion rate optimization strategies to push online presence of companies carrying and supplying used equipment and to ensure increased sales leads. We give our clients an edge over others by consistently keeping website content fresh and rich, updating descriptions on product and category pages, adding in relevant product photos, badges, and testimonials that help in getting customer trust, as well as publishing blog entries on a regular basis. We put priority not just in improving our clients’ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking but also in legitimizing their web presence by raising confidence from their customers.

SCI Global Services also conduct full website analyses to strategize on how web elements should be placed together in order to optimize getting leads and sales. In addition to these, we critically plan and work on Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns particularly customized for each client and specifically designed for each niche market for better audience targeting and conversion results. We also do email marketing for Used Equipment companies, reaching out to new customers as well as re-building connections with returning ones through product updates, new promotions, and re-engagement emails. Tailor-made campaigns are created by understanding customer behavior and determining their interactions with web pages. Customized emails and ads are set-up based on user activities. By nurturing active and responsive customers through regular sending of emails and through creation of remarketing ads on various platforms including social networking sites, contact lists are grown and multiplied.

For years, we have closely worked and collaborated with multiple companies across North America that offer and purchase second hand, used, refurbished, and reconditioned equipment such as GMI, the first to market certified pre-owned lab equipment;

Block Scientific, founded in the 1980s,  distributes used, pre-owned, and reconditioned premium laboratory equipment including chemical analyzers, incubators, centrifuges, coagulation analyzers, histology equipment, and more. 

Regal Equipment and Equipment Exchange Company, leaders when it comes to providing quality used food processing equipment.

SPECO, Compressor Parts, Worthington Compressor Services, and The Industrial Lubricant Store, trusted distributors of used compressors, industrial equipment, and industrial oils; and a lot more.

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