Neta Scientific, Inc.

A Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Women Business Enterprise (WBE) headquartered in Hainesport, New Jersey

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Neta Scientific, Inc.  mission is to provide the global science and clinical markets with access to superior laboratory supplies and solutions that will help enable world-leading research and develop around the world. 

Neta prides itself on its ability to provide unique and truly personal customer service, putting needs before process. They cut through all the red tape and automation by accommodating custom orders and payment terms, as well as providing a multitude of easy ordering options. They also provide pass-through support for major brand suppliers, including OEM contract, parts, consumables, and services. 

As Neta Scientific continued to broaden its global presence, it needed a website that mirrored its customer-centric principles. Thus, SCI’s goal was clear: we needed to develop a site that cut through all the clutter and put the user experience first, with instintinctive navigational features, and multiple options for ordering.  

We needed to make sure that NETA’s wide range of offerings could easily be accessed, so we improved the product navigation sidebar that split up the products in special categories with better visual representation. 

SCI also added a Quick Order form on all of the pages so purchasers looking to restock their supplies don’t have to waste time searching the site for the products they need. Instead, all they have to do is list down the skus or product names along with the total quantities for each item and they can instantly add all the products to their carts in bulk. 

Since we also knew that check-out rates were 220% higher for visitors who used the search feature of a website, we increased its prominence and size, and upgraded its functionality by replacing the standard search bar with SCI’s Site Search App. This would reduce search times to mere milliseconds, and allow customers to search through products, categories, and articles in absolutely no time. The new Site Search App would also increase user engagement and conversion rates. As a bonus, Neta would be able to review all the search activity on the site and use the data to improve its website to help increase its sales even further.

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