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Since 1992, Delong Instruments has been a producer of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) equipment known for their accessibility and practicality. Each innovation is specially engineered to be compact, easy to install, maintain, and operate. 

As a long-time partner of Delong Instruments, Delong America oversees the global sales, marketing, servicing, and establishment of a global distribution network for both the LVEM5 and LVEM25 low-voltage electron microscopes. Enter SCI and our vast experience with cutting-edge web design and conversion rate optimization strategies specifically for the lab equipment industry. 

To kick off the website conceptualization phase, SCI sat down with the folks at Delong America for an in-depth collaboration on their goals for the website along with its key points for improvement. We came up with two main goals to focus the overall site design around: the first was to funnel users from two very different market groups – Life Sciences and Material Sciences – and the second was to get these visitors to interact with the brand new interactive product demo that SCI would be building for Delong America. 

By moving from a product-focused site to an application-focused one, we were effectively making Delong America’s products more appealing to a vast range of markets directly from the homepage. Meanwhile the interactive product demos that we had built for the new site put the LVEM5 and LVEM25 products ahead of the competition, as no other lab equipment online at the time was capable of giving customers a closer look at the equipment as if they were actually on their desktop. 

By the time SCI launched the new, we had produced a sleek new site that reflected Delong Instruments’ own creations: it was simple, easy to navigate through, easy to maintain, and timeless. In the first year post-launch, Delong America increased its overall average user’s time on site by 61%. 

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