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Lab Pro has been serving the laboratory community since 1979 and offers a comprehensive line of laboratory solutions including lab equipment, supplies, chemicals, reagents, microscopes, and imaging equipment.  They boast of having the largest lab supply showroom in California, which allows them to better serve customers within the Southern California area by providing same day service and speedy shipping. Lab Pro has served customers from big name brands such as Amazon, Intel, Mythbusters, Google, HP, Tesla, NASA, and more. 

With over thousands of products, we needed to think of more efficient user experience solutions to help users easily find the supplies or equipment they needed – and fast. Thanks to SCI’s expertise in the lab industry, we were able to develop a good UX strategy that would streamline the each customer’s journey through the site and decrease the number of clicks it would take for them to find the specific items they needed. 

For the homepage, we wanted to direct attention towards Lab Pro’s biggest product lines. So we added three special modules, one for each featured line: Magnetic and Hotplate Stirrers, Microscopes, Machine Vision and Lighting, and Lab Grade Tweezers and Cutters. We put a spotlight on the benefits of shopping with Lab Pro in a special module to help bolster confidence in the brand. 

We also upgraded Lab Pro’s search functionality with SCI’s own Site Search App to improve the overall search experience and cut down search times to mere milliseconds. The Site Search App also provides huge insight into Lab Pro’s visitor behavior and search history that can help increase engagement, conversions, and improve customer retention. 

Special product filters were also built out for the category pages so users can cherry pick the specific features they need in certain equipment or supplies. As with all of the websites we create, Lab Pro was structured on a fluid responsive grid with an Odoo CMS to ensure that it would look fantastic on any screen size.

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