Lab.Equipment is a brand new player to the lab equipment industry and puts a new twist to the equipment distribution game.

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LE is unique in the sense that it isn’t a laboratory equipment distributor per se, but a lab equipment marketplace. Think of it Amazon meets BestBuy for the lab space. 

As the new kid on the block, the hurdle LE had to overcome was standing out amongst all the big name distributors that had already built a good reputation and customer base online. So they came to SCI to get help making a site and a brand that would not only make a good impression, but a great impression on its visitors. 

A lot of collaboration went into the conceptualization of LE and its online identity. One thing was for sure: LE wanted its site to appeal to a younger generation of laboratory users. 

To create its logo, we really wanted something that would give users a sense of empowerment. So we took inspiration from political campaigns and created a few slogans for the brand to steer the creative towards the right direction. For the site design and color palette, we wanted to make it pop and be really colorful to differentiate it from the traditional, very formal looking distributor and manufacturer websites that we saw online. 

Lab.Equipment is all about giving their customers “The Power of Choice”, so we built out custom features that would make it easier and quicker for visitors to shop around for equipment all while staying in one site. These features include: real-time price comparisons from 100+ vendors found on all of the detail pages, side-by-side product comparisons, and live price matching of contract discounts, a subscription based re-ordering system, and product reviews. We also went the extra mile and added custom product description content that no other distributor online would have, plus product videos. 

Mobile accessibility and optimization is a big thing for Google right now and based on research, we know that eCommerce activity is on an upward trend, so wanted the site to be accessible on different platforms and devices. That is why we structured the site on a fluid responsive grid with an Odoo CMS to ensure that it would look fantastic on any screen size. As an added bonus, we also developed a custom iOS and Android mobile app for Lab.Equipment that syncs up perfectly with the content on the website in real time. By creating the matching mobile app, LE could close the loop and ensure that their customers could still access the site offline.

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