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The Lab Depot is a veteran owned Lab Equipment and Lab Supply distribution company that has been around since 1992. As an early eCommerce adopter, TLD has managed to dominate the laboratory equipment and supply digital market.

As part of their vision to be recognized as the online leader of products for discovery, they enlisted SCI’s services to give their website a modern refresh and elevate its user experience to better align their online presence with the company’s goals. 

The first step in our strategy session was to think of ways to optimize TLD’s pages to increase their conversion rates. One thing the old site did well was to properly categorize their items and group variant products together into a single page. However, their detail pages had so much information that it split up people’s attention between different areas. 

From a design perspective, we needed to shift people’s attention to specific areas of their detail pages, making it easier for people to take desired actions such as adding items to the cart, submitting inquires, and ultimately checking out. Some things we improved included adding more attention grabbing calls-to-action buttons, increasing font sizes to make the product data better to read, enhancing more important information such as product prices, adding better whitespace around the content to make it less overwhelming. 

We also needed to bolster confidence in the Lab Depot brand, so we added several trust seals on each page and ways to contact the company. To improve their organic visibility, we also updated their schema markup to make sure that their site got as much information on their products as possible. 

Based on our own research, we found that check-out conversion rates were over 220% higher for people who completed a site search. So, SCI overhauled TLD’s search functionality and developed a whole host of features that would not only improve the visitor’s search experience, but also allow TLD to gain huge insight into their users’ behavior and give them invaluable data that they can use to increase conversions and improve customer retention.

SCI also upgraded TLD’s chat system with a custom app that would allow them to send lead introduction messages to proactively interact with customers. The chat system also provides a quote and purchase order expressway for convenient bi-directional file transfers. The built-in Sales Training and Automation Library allows reps to respond to typical prospect inquiries in a flas with quick answers and files stored in a knowledge base. Best of all, a Live Prospect View feature allows for real-time monitoring of sales prospects, displaying relevant information the instant they reach TLD’s website. 

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