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Crystal Technology & Industries Europe specializes in manufacturing and distributing benchtop laboratory equipment and inventory control products to laboratories across the globe.

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With 19 years of experience under their belt, they needed a website that matched the level of industry expertise they had amassed over the years. 

While Crystal Technology Europe’s own equipment advanced throughout the years, their online presence unfortunately had not been able to keep up. That is why they came to SCI and enlisted our help with developing a brand new website to represent the brand.

Not only did their website have to look professional, but it also had to cater to an international market and adapt to the various emerging technologies to expand their reach. 

Through extensive research and years of experience developing the right conversion rate optimization strategies for lab equipment eCommerce websites, we know homepages play a vital role in the buyer’s journey through a site. As they are often used as stepping stones to push people to their final destinations and ultimately perform an ideal action on your website, SCI’s first priority was to bring more attention to Crystal’s primary product lines: their inventory control systems, bench top equipment, and cryo boxes and cell dividers. That is why we strategically placed special modules at the top of the homepage to help funnel people to the right pages and get those leads with as little clicks as possible. 

Another strategy SCI utilized to cut down lead times and make a smoother path to an online purchase was to develop an easy-to-use Freezer Rack Configurator. Inventory Control Systems can be an overwhelming thing to put together. Not everyone is going to know how many and what types of racks their lab freezers will need, right off the bat. Normally it would take a lot of back and forth between the buyer and a representative to come up with the right products to recommend. This leaves a lot of time and effort wasted by both parties. With the Freezer Rack Configurator, it only takes 5 steps for users to come up with the perfect Inventory Control System for their facility that they can order and checkout all within minutes. 

Ultimately, SCIGSI was able to launch a sleeker, mobile-friendly website that better showcased Crystal Technology & Industries Europe’s primary product lines. Not only did the new site help Crystal grow its organic presence online, but our efforts helped to increase user traffic, improve site speed load times, and increase Crystal Technology Europe’s leads and online sales.

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