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The Canadian Laboratory Suppliers Association is a group of scientific companies committed to promoting and serving the Canadian laboratory marketplace. With over 27 member companies including big name brands like Thermo Fisher Scientific, Eppendorf, Sigma-Aldrich Canada and more, the pressure was on for SCI to deliver a new website for CLSA that matched the same caliber as its member company’s own digital spaces. 

CLSA approached SCI in hopes of helping them refresh their site’s overall look and develop additional functionality that would make it easier to service their current pool of members, bring in new members, and keep visitors up to date on the association’s latest events and announcements. 

But a facelift wasn’t the only thing that SCI did for CLSA. We also filled it to the brim with brand-new features that we knew would improve the overall user experience as they browsed through all the pages and catch up on the latest activities from the association. One such example would be the ability for members to get information on and sign up for tradeshows, general meetings, workshops, and networking events all in a single place. 

Paying for things like membership registration and slots for upcoming events can now also be done directly on the site in just a few clicks. Members can now make credit card payments from literally any place, using any device, at any time of the day. For members that are unable to pay with a credit card, we also built out additional payment method features such as wire transfers, purchase orders, and even check payments. 

As an added perk for members, we also built out  a new Discussion section for members where people can participate in exclusive forum discussions and be heard, as well as get to know each other more. There are also new and awesome pages like the Downloads section where anyone can get PDF copies of past newsletters and other content from CLSA. 

For anyone looking to expand their career in the Lab Supply business, CLSA also has a brand new section dedicated entirely to connecting people with opportunities to learn, grow and be part of a great team. 

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