BSI’s new website features a sleek, fresh and highly-visual design.

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The company’s logo and USP are prominently located at the very top, while their featured products are displayed in an eye-catching HTML5 banner with call-to-action buttons leading users to the various product pages on the site. A useful product finder tool allows visitors to drill down refrigerators and freezers by type, size, and number of doors to help potential customers find products faster and easier.

BSI’s category pages were specially designed to enhance overall user experience by making easier for potential customers to find what they are looking for. Custom filters are made available at the top of the page so users can drill down their searches to find products that fit their needed specifications. A convenient “Request a Quote” form is located on the sidebar to encourage lead generation and allow customers to make product inquiries without leaving the page.

BSI also features a custom Freezer Rack Configurator tool that lets customers build their own freezer racks to fit their freezer’s specifications. Users can choose from different freezer types, manufacturers, specify freezer size and rack type. After configuration, visitors can then immediately check out their new rack.

Users can browse through products according to application. Each application page lists down corresponding manufacturers along with descriptions and colorful call-to-action buttons.

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