SCI Pulls Regal Equipment to No. 2 Spot on Google

I am happy to have the opportunity to recommend the services of SCI Global Services and the pleasure of working with John Buie, the Chief Marketing Technologist. Our company is in the food processing business over the past 20 years have tried on several occasions to develop our website marketing using SEO companies and have be sorely disappointed.

But over the past year, SCI and John have made a huge difference in our marketing success and approach. With SCI's help we have moved up to rank #2 on Google for our market sector, which has produced increased quality website leads and has resulted directly in sales.

One of the areas that SCI and John have addressed for our company was the functionality of our website, not only the SEO. We know exactly where we stand with the weekly digests. John contacts me for monthly reviews, where we discussed any problems and plans for the next month. We have full access to our information and feedback via the website.

I have been impressed with SCI's openness and honesty through the process. They listen, accept and utilize criticism in a positive, productive manner. Essentially John and SCI have tailored their work to our needs and it has been very successful for us.

Feel free to contact me if you have question.

Regal Equipment, Ben Regal
Ben Regal
VP Sales Regal Equipment

Regal Equipment, Inc. specializes in the supply of quality reconditioned and used equipment to the food processing and packaging industries. We have expertise in all types of food equipment; including vegetable, fruit, meat, poultry, snack food, beverage, canning, freezing, bottling and fresh cut applications in addition to all related packaging, labeling and warehouse equipment. The Regal team is comprised of skilled and experienced veterans and have been in the business for almost 25 years.