AIV Sees Positive ROI After Only 6 Months

We would be happy to provide a testimonial for the web consulting work you have done with us. Our first introduction to you was during your presentation to exhibitors at the Phoenix MD expo. You had reviewed the websites of all companies present at the show and outlined the current evolution of electronic in our market. I was impressed with your solid grasp of the issues faced by business to business sellers in the biomedical and laboratory product industries.

Our initial project together was to redesign our company website with a focus on developing more interactions with our customers, enabling good analytics and increasing search engine optimization. You helped us outline the detailed goals and changes to the current site and developed action items for both our teams. We were most impressed with the collaborative workflow tool you brought in to help every member of both teams keep the project steps visual and on time. Your team accomplished all our objectives and delivered the prototype website on time and the official launch two weeks later. You invoiced us clearly for the work performed at the price you originally proposed. During this project you also were able to redesign our product catalogue to match the look and feel of the new website. This was accomplished in record time and also on budget.

Most importantly, we have chosen to continue our relationship with you and entered a formal consulting agreement to cover continued search engine optimization, content creation for website and newsletters and design and management of Adwords campaigns.

We have been pleased with the first months of this increased cooperation, and have enjoyed the extra graphic and editorial resources that your team brings to our marketing efforts. The continued use of your workflow tool allows us full visibility of all aspects of the many projects currently underway. We have come to rely heavily on our regular reviews with you and your team of Google Analytics and Adwords results. The ability to see detailed time breakouts of on-going activities also helps us prioritize our future projects and stay with our monthly budget.

Last week we reviewed the first six months catalogue requests and product inquiries generated from the new website and found that sales from just those responses have covered the cost of the initial website redesign and this year's consulting expense.

We plan to bring you in to develop more electronic marketing projects with some of international distribution partners. You and your team will be guiding us as we move the majority of our marketing efforts to inbound marketing.

I am available to discuss any of the details of your work with us with any potential clients.

AIV, Inc., Jim Huggins
Jim Huggins
Director of Business Development AIV, Inc.

AIV was founded in 1983 and has since grown into an international company, supplying organizations with medical parts, accessories and service. We are committed to supporting the hospital’s Clinical Engineering department to help lower the cost of maintaining patient care equipment.