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These days, being an attorney with a website is simply not enough to get you good business.

The top three factors that influence a potential client’s hiring decision include field expertise, trustworthiness, and reputation. Interestingly enough, according to a Consumer Legal Needs survey conducted by FindLaw U.S., when it comes to finding legal services, a majority of people hire the first attorney they reach out to. So how can you translate these customer needs into actionable improvements for your website to be that first attorney and grow your client base?

Enter SCI Global Services Inc., the experts in understanding your potential client’s needs. At SCI, we use our decades-long experience with good web design and digital marketing to help you build a website that’s fully in-touch with your firm’s branding and is equipped with complete search engine and conversion rate optimization features to ensure that you gain a well-established online presence, coupled with a steady flow of high-converting visits.

We conduct thorough website analyses that point out and target areas needing improvement and use these as a jump-off point in every new design to ensure that our clients provide their visitors with a totally improved user experience that leads to an increase in average monthly total leads.

To maximize any legal practice website, SCI ensures that our websites are mobile-friendly for easy viewing on any mobile device and platform and increased Google search rankings. Websites designed by SCI Global Services Inc. make it easy for potential clients to reach you, whether it be through uncomplicated web forms, calls, pay-per-click campaigns, email marketing efforts, or special directory listings.

To stay relevant, each of our client websites are updated with content-rich pages such as new blog entries or specialized category sections that aid in highlighting your firm’s expertise in your respective fields-of-practice and building trust with site visitors. Furthermore, the pay-per-click campaigns we develop are carefully crafted to capture the attention of any industry seeking legal services and are frequently updated to optimize click-through traffic and conversions.

One such legal practice industry client of ours is Watson LLP for whom SCI has created a brand-new website complete with a secure built-in extranet client portal where Watson clients can monitor and collaborate with attorneys on the progress of their legal engagements in real time.

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Are you ready to maximize your law firm’s full online potential and gain new clients? SCI Global Services Inc. is here with a complete line of services such as on-page SEO, content and e-newsletter marketing, lead generation, PPC search campaigns, website maintenance and feature additions, website CRO, graphic design updates, and more.