Laboratory Equipment

The global market for general laboratory equipment is forecasted to increase up to $11.51 billion by 2021 due to the amplifying focus of corporations to research and development.

This industry is comprised of manufacturers and distributors offering lab supplies and equipment for purification, extraction, sample preparation, analytical measurements, and many other scientific applications. The driving forces of growth in this industry mainly come from pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporations as well as the emerging need for efficient and highly advanced diagnosis of diseases and other life science applications.

A diverse spectrum of industries also demand laboratory equipment whether for product design, testing, manufacturing or research purposes. Every segment and application requires a specific variety of lab equipment, instruments, and scientific tools. The general classes of these equipment serve similarly in various fields. Moreover, most laboratory workers from different scientific fields make use of comparable protective gears and lab instruments such as filters, beakers, centrifuges, and the like which are all considered standard laboratory supplies.

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We have helped and closely worked with renowned and reputable industry front runners based in U.S.A. and Europe which are involved in manufacturing and supplying laboratory equipment to scientists, labs, and research centers around the world including the following:

CPI International, a recognized manufacturing leader in providing analytical, life sciences, and semiconductor solutions to chemists, microbiologists, and scientific professionals for over 30 years.

Lab.Equipment, a relatively new, leading-edge, and unconventional lab equipment marketplace targeted to younger laboratory audience that is revolutionizing the lab equipment distribution game.

Lab Depot, a pioneer lab equipment and supply distribution company that has been serving the industry since 1992 and has dominated the digital market by being one of the firsts to take advantage of eCommerce.

SPEX CertiPrep, a global supplier of superior certified reference materials and sample preparation equipment for analytical spectroscopy since 1954.

SPEX SamplePrep, a producer of sample preparation equipment and supplies worldwide in the fields of pharmaceuticals, superconductors, polymers, forensics, genetics and biotechnology for over 60 years.

Lab Pro Inc., a highly trusted distributor of laboratory equipment and supplies with the largest lab supply showroom in California. The company has also been serving key brands like Google, Tesla, NASA, and more.

Neta Scientific, headquartered in New Jersey, is dedicated to providing superior laboratory supplies and solutions for research and development purposes of global science and clinical markets.

Scilogex, a brand of innovative and premium liquid handling products and bench-top instruments for all areas of research.

Sterlitech Corporation, a global leader serving end markets in over 125 countries with 90 years of experience in the industry, provides and distributes filtration products and lab equipment to scientists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. 

BEING Instruments, a well-recognized manufacturer of innovative laboratory equipment ranging from lab ovens, incubators, shakers, rotary evaporators and more with over 20 years of engineering experience. 

Taylor Scientific, based in Missouri, has been in the industry for more than 40 years, manufacturing chemicals, distributing a range of laboratory equipment and supplies, as well as doing procurement and management services.   

Biomedical Solutions Inc. (BSI), headquartered in Texas, is an industry-leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment catering molecular biology, cell biology, and animal care facilities as well as clinical and industrial laboratories.

Yamato Scientific America, founded in 1982, has been serving an array of laboratory products including incubators, sterilizers, and lab washers to industries including life science, pharmaceutical, chemical, and academic institutions. 

General Lab & Cleanroom Supply (GenLab), a popular distributor throughout Southern California, has been efficiently delivering a wide selection of laboratory equipment and cleanroom supplies for more than two decades already.

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