Digital Marketing Manager

Kyle Gellatly

 A personable and positive employee, who thrives in creative, fast paced, growing environments, Kyle has a proven track record of achieving positive client ROI, and does this through creative outlook and dedication to his craft.

From a young age, Kyle was exposed to the art of marketing. His mother was a marketer for many years during Kyle's youth, and regularly volunteered to help out with trade shows, product demonstrations, charity events and even a local TV commercial, where he played a small role. When Kyle started developing his career path, his heart led him in only one direction. He later achieved 2 diplomas in Marketing from Fanshawe College, and found himself on the Dean's Honor List (only 8 of 140 students made it). He received his second diploma in Advanced Marketing in April 2009, the same program that opened his eyes to the world of Digital Marketing, and from there, he never looked back.

Since graduation Kyle has gained extensive Digital Marketing experience, from large Enterprise operations with annual budgets of close to $4M, to small agency settings, where he'd manage the digital spending for upwards of 40 SMB clients at a time. No matter what the circumstance, the challenge was always faced with a smile, as Kyle was doing what he loved.

In 2015 he saw his career transition into more Senior Digital roles as he moved on to roles in the Greater Toronto Area. Here he was able to take on more responsibility within his agencies and organizations. Finding himself constantly in client and organization conversations, Kyle learned a lot, and took on additional duties to expand his working knowledge base. In this time, on top of his Paid Advertising duties, Kyle found himself working on tasks related to Email Marketing, SEO, CRA management, Project Management, Client Relations, and even mentoring younger staff in their roles. Knowledge is a tool, and the more tools you can equip yourself with, the better prepared you can be to handle the job.

In March 2020, Kyle eagerly jumped at the opportunity to join the SCI team, as Digital Marketing Manager, North America. With its strong leadership, clientele and growth potential, it was a chance Kyle couldn't pass up, and a role he'd been quietly preparing himself for years, he just didn't know it.

On his spare time Kyle enjoys spending time with his family (Wife and 2 kids), traveling, watching sports and movies, creating his own comic book series and attending comic conventions all across North America.