Food & Beverage

Food, a basic necessity of life, has a steady demand throughout good and bad economic times.

With population ever growing, many companies generate revenue from processing and selling food and ingredients, reaching a wide range of customers including individual consumers, supermarket chains, local stores, restaurants, and other players further the food processing chain.

Food processing not only involves transforming ingredients into food products but also making sure that these can be easily consumed and prepared by consumers. It serves markets including food and beverage, bottling, canning, freezing, fruit, meat, poultry, root crop, snap beans, vegetable processing, and more. As competition in this industry is high, companies invest on putting their respective brands out there and on buying and selling quality food processing equipment that can improve production and meet market requirements.

SCI Global Services Inc. supports the Food Processing Industry by creating and managing well-designed, innovatively crafted for the market, and fully optimized for conversion websites that not only boost a Food Processing company’s presence online but also make way for increased business sales. We provide our clients an edge over their competitors by keeping website content rich and fresh, updating category and product descriptions, as well as publishing blog articles on a regular basis. We focus not just in improving lead generation and increasing our clients’ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking but also in helping them legitimize their web presence by raising trust and confidence from their customers.

Aside from these we also do email marketing for Food Processing companies, reaching out and building relationships with new and returning customers through product updates, promotions, and re-engagement emails. Our marketing campaigns are carefully tailored based on customer behavior, determining customer interaction with website pages as well as customer interest and then customizing promotional materials such as emails and ads based on these. We grow contact lists by nurturing active and responsive users, ensuring connection with them are not lost by sending regular emails specifically created based on user activities as well as setting-up remarketing ads throughout various platforms including social networking sites. We also put importance to sales lead generation by applying conversion rate optimization essentials on our web designs and by working on Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns especially modified per client for better lead targeting and results.

For years, we have worked hand in hand with various food processing market leaders in the North America including Valcour Process Technology that specializes in supplying food processing equipment for Cheese, Yogurt, Dairy, and Food and Beverage industries

as well as with Regal Equipment and Equipment Exchange Company that are both top runners when it comes to selling, purchasing and appraising used food processing and packaging machinery. With expertise and full dedication, we are proud to share how happy and satisfied our Food Processing clients are with the results and opportunities generated by cutting-edge websites we have custom-built to what their industry demands.

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