Website Checklist: What We Test on Our Joomla Sites Before Go-Live


Imagine a scenario where your team of developers and designers are catching up to finish a website that is due in a month’s time, then suddenly, your client calls in and tells you that due to “crazy turn of events,” the site needs to be up in 5 days! Well, situations like these should not only be imagined but, anticipated. It’s not all the time but we know for a fact situations like these happen. Let’s just say we’ve been there, done that, but of course, we learn.

In the course of time we have developed and improved our own system of website development and redesign. We can never stress enough how important it is to create a pre-site launch checklist and a post-launch one (but that would be an altogether new and separate entry) because we can’t risk our own clients finding out errors that were simply “overlooked.” Turning over a half-baked product says a lot and is just unacceptable.

So we reduce instances of errors as much as possible with the help of a checklist. And this checklist involves the entire project team members and we start ticking off the list as early as project planning phase or during site setup.

We have fashioned our checklist in a way that team members will be accountable, that indeed the tasks were completed and ensured correct. But since most of our projects are done on two different CMS platforms (which are Joomla and Magento) we have also drafted separate site launch checklists for each.

Let’s look first at our Joomla site launch checklist.

When I said earlier that all team members are involved, I meant all groups who will handle a certain project. Basing it on our workflow, we begin with the Production team. The Coordinators know the project since in its planning stage so they are the best people to check if all client requests were followed. That is aside from the fact that they are very keen and have a strong attention to detail.


These steps can be done at the same time but we put the utmost importance on making sure most tasks on SEO are completed way ahead of time before launch. Our SEO professionals make sure our projects get the best exposure in the www.


Our Web Developers who spend the most time doing the site and knows it to the core are left with the technical but equally important items on the list.As you may have noticed by now, we decided to make separate checklists for Joomla and Magento projects since some items are specific to one of the CMS platforms only.Check out our Magento site launch checklist here.