Website Checklist: Testing Magento Sites Before Go-Live


In the previous article we have shown you a pre-launch site checklist for Joomla that we use as guide to test sites before it goes live. This time we’re going to look at another site launch checklist that we use to test Magento sites.

Most of our websites run on these two CMS platforms. Though there are similarities in the items included here, we decided to separate the list as you will see later on, that there are differences between the two.

If you have already read the other checklist you’d know that all teams involved in a project play an important role in completing it. The reason being is we put great emphasis on accountability. Every team member must be able to ensure that each item in the list are completed and are well implemented. In the checklist we have also included fields for the name of the tester, the date it was completed, and an extra notes field where they can input comments or other important details. For when something goes wrong or if there’s something we missed, we can always go back and use the same document as reference. And that is just one of the many purposes it serves. Because a site launch checklist first and foremost, helps us keep errors to its lowest minimum before it goes live and before a client gets to test it.

The list goes into the hands of all projects teams. We often start with the Production team because they are typically the first ones who engage with the client and who should know the client instructions by heart.

Now this is the part I was referring to earlier, the items above and those at the bottom may be similar with the first checklist but defining SEO tasks for different CMS platforms give us more space for customization and processes are different. This is also the part of the checklist that we also keep on improving to keep ahead with changes in SEO practice.


The last half of the tasks requires technical knowledge on codes and languages used. So we reserve this part to the team who does this best - the Web Developers.

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