Tee-Up For Strong Q4 Laboratory Market Revenue Growth In Just 4 Steps

1. Pause your Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click campaigns that are keyword targeted and plan new ones targeted to a specific audience at a lower cost.

  • For the past 12 years we have seen the price of clicks on Google nearly double during Q4 as the big guys start bidding on every term under the sun in a shotgun approach to get more warm bodies to their site.
  • Let them throw away their budget and compete in the less competitive ad placements on Google by setting up campaigns on Shopping Network and Remarketing Lists for Search Ads.
  • Shopping campaigns require you to prepare a data feed in the format Google is looking for, or integrate it directly with your website. Both take time and have a quality review process by Google before it can go live.
  • Uploading new lists of audiences to target to Google also triggers a manual review, which you may be required to provide supporting documents or edits to your list before you can use them in your Q4 campaign. Start early to eliminate all road blocks, especially if it’s your first time with these campaign type.

2. Clean up your email lists and personalize your messages.

  • You can find thousands of new potential customers to add to your email marketing efforts by un-turning every stone in your CRM, In-Box’s and ERP systems.
  • Get a higher response from them by Segmenting these users into application or industry groups.
  • Populate the missing data like first name and company name from the email lists so that you can personalize the emails.


Critical To Your Year End Sales Push

These actions are critical to tee-up now so that the tactical execution of your year end sales push goes smoothly and can launch on time, when you need the revenue growth. All of the work we do at SCI for our hundreds of B2B clients like you is focused around showing you an increase in revenue and a clear return on investment. Whether you are a small operation with no time to take on new revenue producing projects like this on your own, or you are the marketing director and swamped with other priorities, David would be happy to have a no obligation chat with you about how we can help. Just reach out to him directly at david@scigsi.com or call him 888-699-7245 on EST time.

Over the years, SCI has worked closely with major lab equipment brands on email marketing, free and paid search engine rankings, and new website design and development such as Sterlitech.com, Scilogex.com and SpexSampleprep.com to give you a few to check out the high quality standard of our work.



3. Start collecting data from your site visitors with the LinkedIn marketing platform.

  • Even if you do not have the time or budget to setup a campaign on LinkedIn, it will only ever be as good as the data you feed into it. Start collecting that data now as the longer you have it linked the higher quality the data will be.
  • Install the LinkedIn Marketing code to your websites footer so that its integrated with the platform and is building audiences and data on your site visitors.
  • LinkedIn ads are very expensive if they are done incorrectly, so be sure you consult a pro or spend a lot of time researching and experimenting before throwing down any substantial budget.

4. Explain why your company is unique, in your first video.

  • Pull out your iPhone or any newer model digital recorder, find a place in your office with good lighting and start practicing the most important selfie you will ever take.
  • The goal is to convey your company’s Unique Selling Proposition to potential customers in a short 2-3 minute video, which also shows a human side to your brand.
  • The video quality does not matter too much, as it will be compressed to play quickly on your website anyways. The audio quality is by far more important.
  • Record your audio using a headset into your smartphone as most have a voice recording or audio memo application. But for best results, spend $100 on a USB microphone like a “Yeti” from Amazon and the sound will be much nicer, then record it in Garageband which is free with your Mac or another free program, Audacity, if you are a windows user.
  • The most important part is the post production of the video, to make sure your message pops out and is engaging for the viewer. Send your raw unedited video and audio files to a professional to make them look amazing for your website.


Do You Have An In-House Marketing Team That Can Tee-Up These Actions For You?

If so, be sure to make it a priority for them before the summer is out and set yourself a calendar reminder to follow up on these items in mid September. If you would ever like a second opinion on their execution or for us at SCI to give your team a little helping hand in getting these items ready, just reach out to David by email at david@scigsi.com or phone 888-699-7245 and he will be happy to help them out.

Don’t let the summer slump in activity set you up for failure at year end like some of your competition. As some are letting this summer slip them by, we at SCI have a lighter workload compared to the rest of the year, but we are not spending all our time on the golf course. You can be on-boarded at a faster pace and be sure to get your profitable campaign launched before Q4. Let's hit the course together over the next month to prepare a campaign that will surely make an impact on the bottom line of your calendar year’s revenue.