Site Optimization Secrets to Increase Your Sales Leads

It’s no secret that leads play a pivotal role in determining the success or failure of any site. However, having a web form prominently positioned on all of your pages just isn’t enough to guarantee more online sales. Creating value for users who come to your website is the key to getting all that important sales lead information in your pocket.


Here at SCI, we make use of a number of different design techniques and tools to ensure that our client websites stay on top of their respective industries. Here are some of our secrets to increasing your number of sales leads and goal completions:


Permission Assets & Squeeze Pages

Permission Assets are when visitors on your site willingly provide you with sales information so you can in turn provide them with meaningful, valuable, and anticipated content. This can come in a number of forms such as PDF guides, case studies, video content.

Try gathering a team to brainstorm ideas or do a little research into the kind of information that your potential customers or target audiences often seek out. Oftentimes, these pieces of information are geared towards helping your visitors solve a problem, so you might want to start there. Providing premium content is a fantastic way to keep your website relevant while at the same time build out your customer lists.

Once you’ve got that content up on your website, make sure your visitors know about it by putting up eye-catching banners across your site. These should then lead to Squeeze Pages that will literally be used to “squeeze” visitors for the information you need to follow up with them and make a sale.

Squeeze Pages are not only a simple way to generate new leads, but they also help remind your visitors as to why they’d want to download your assets.

As an additional tip, try going through forums or social media sites like LinkedIn that help you find ultra-targeted discussion groups within your industry to show your banner ads to or allow you to link over to your squeeze page.


Video Turnstiles

While Squeeze Pages are often used to provide PDF content, website owners can also apply the same concepts to their video content. Through the use of third party tools such as Wistia, you can also add Squeeze Frames at certain times on your video so viewers have an opportunity to opt-in to more of the good stuff you provide.


Live Chat for Leads

The fun doesn’t stop at PDFs and Videos! Through tools like Olark, you can grow your customer even more with integration features that you can utilize to import live chat information from your operator to an email marketing platform like Mailchimp.

The ability to measure and quantify website and email marketing data is great, but at the end of the day, the success of any website will always boil down to one thing: generating more leads. It goes without saying that step one to ensuring you get more sales leads is having a lead form prominently positioned on all pages of your website.

Live chat tools like Olark also offer website owners with the capability to track specific visitor activity so they can proactively reach out to potential customers on a more personal level. Through this approach, operators can better educate visitors about your product, have real conversations with them, and increase the chances of making a sale versus having a chat bot that some customers just find annoying and end up ignoring.


Social Media Graphics

To really promote your new asset, try updating your social media graphics with new banners that link over to your squeeze page.


Email Content Promotion

For email marketing, it’s always best practice to apply A/B testing and add tracking links to your campaigns. For any new contacts that you acquire, be sure to put them through an email verification tool like BriteVerify to weed out all the spammy addresses.


Snail Mail

If you’ve got customer mailing information and are thinking about doing a print campaign, make sure that they’re still trackable by adding in links with tracking data or QR codes so you can measure campaign success.


Build Out Organic Links for SEO

Write out press releases or articles that provide links back to your site and distribute them to other news sites or blogs. While this method does take a bit longer to carry out, they do earn you a good organic presence on Google search.


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