How To Plan A Drip Marketing Campaign

Drip Email Marketing Campaigns are a series of messages with a unified theme that are sent out automatically to a list of subscribers over a period of time. Drip campaigns can be as simple or as complex as marketers want them to be. However, a good amount of planning must come into play in order to truly get the best results.

SCI Global Services Inc. has had tons of experience with planning, building, and managing profitable drip email marketing campaigns for clients in various industries over the years. Below are our fool-proof steps to starting your own drip campaign from start to finish.

STEP 1: Decide on Which Well of Content to Focus Your Campaign On

Choose a central theme to revolve your email campaign content around. This could be as specific as introducing a new technique, demonstrating applications for a product, or catering your campaign to fit a certain industry. You could also design your drip campaigns according to user outcomes you hope to achieve like generating new leads or re-engaging cold subscribers.

STEP 2: Determine Your Audience

Specify the audience you want to send your drip marketing campaign out to. For starters, try utilizing an in-house list of addresses found within your email marketing platform or website customer database. List-building tools are also another good source for fresh contacts to introduce your brands to instead of just buying lists that could contain stale emails.

Once you’ve chosen your primary audience source, ask yourself whether or not you want this list to grow over time. Will you be adding newly registered subscribers? New customers? New sales leads? If so, then plan out how you want to refresh this list during this step as well.

STEP 3: Find The Best Audience Match to Your Campaign

Refine your audience by zeroing in on which subscribers would be most interested in your campaign content. You can do this by sorting your contacts according to:

a. Firmographics - The industry your contact is a part of.

b. Behavior – The specific actions your visitors took on your website or the products they showed particular interest in.

c. Email List Source – Where the list of contacts was originally collected, such as tradeshow events or conferences.


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STEP 4: Settle On a Schedule

Set a predefined schedule for how often your messages should be sent out and when they should be sent. This step is all about determining which subscribers will receive the subsequent emails in your campaign. Talk it out with your team and determine if you would want to continue sending emails to people who have either opened your messages, clicked on a link within the campaign, or everyone. As for frequency, you can also choose to space out your emails according to time interval, time of day, and day of the week.

STEP 5: Build A Content Outline

Now that you have the four basics in place, you’ll want to build out a blueprint of content and assets to be used for each email within the campaign. When creating your outline, make sure to have variety with your emails by having both promotional and informative messages in the mix to keep subscribers interested.

STEP 6: List The Key Elements of Your Messages

Identify things like your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), Call to Action (CTA), design strategy, and branding for each email to ensure a smoother user experience and increase your chances of email engagement.

STEP 7: Measurement and Follow-Up

Define your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at the start of the campaign before you launch them and determine the easiest way to follow up on new leads. How fast do you want your sales team to follow up on responsive subscribers? How should this information be sent to your team? Remember that the main goal for this step is to figure out how you can leverage your drip marketing campaign to generate true sales and for that to happen, your sales team must play an active role in following up on those leads.


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