ERP Integrations: Magento and OpenERP

 For business owners in the e-commerce industry, open-source technology is a gift. Because it gives them full control of the site look & content, overall functionality and so much room for customization.But not a lot have the technical knowledge or the time to study open-source softwares like OpenERP. More so if you want to configure your e-commerce site running on CMS like Magento to work with it.


Magento Connect

Luckily, the folks over at OpenLabs created a module bridging these two to work together.

Integration of Magento with OpenERP will enable your customer to sync various modules like Customers, Addresses, Product Categories, Products, Order Statuses, and Orders.

Now it is easier for us to do the integration.


Installing OpenERP Connector in Magento

Login to your Magento Admin panel and navigate to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager


You will be required to login again using the same site account details. Change the Preferred State to Beta on the Settings tab and save the changes.


Go to Extensions tab to install Magento connector. Copy and paste the following link: on “Paste extension key to install.”

After you install the OpenERP connector will appear, just click on Proceed to finish this step.


To make sure that you have completed this setup, scroll down further and see if the installed module is included at the end of the list.


Downloading the OpenERP Module

First you need to download OpenERP module here. You can download the .zip file or you also clone it by running either of these:

git clone OR

git clone

What we always do is download the zip file. Then simply extract the module and copy its directory to the Addons folder on OpenERP.

Then from the module directory, use the script with the command:

  • python install


Installing the Module in OpenERP

Login to your OpenERP dashboard and go to Settings. In the Modules panel on the right select Update Modules List and search for Magento module. Click on Magento Integration from the results and install.

In the pop-up window you will be required to key in details to Configure Accounting Data. Enter the necessary information and continue.

Configuring Magento in OpenERP

Login to your OpenERP account and choose Magento from the menu. Create your first Magento Instance by clicking on Magento Instances under the Configuration panel.


Input the necessary information then test the connection to verify. A test connection notice pops-up to notify you that the connection was successful. Close this window and proceed.


Let’s start importing your websites. Click on Import Websites and choose Continue on the pop-up window.

Now a list of your websites will show on Magento Instances panel.

To import catalogs, just double click on the name on the website and press Continue to start importing.

This is the first in our series of how-to guides on integrating your ERP system with your website. Be sure to check back soon for more!