Building Permission Assets Actionable Plan for Sales Lead Generation

Over several years of experience, SCI Global Team has developed a concrete and real actionable plan for using permission assets and trust seals, and its strategic implementation on the website. This is one of our featured 2017 marketing strategies that we are going to use for our clients to convert website visitor traffic into sales leads. We will share with you the steps in building out a spreadsheet file to be used in achieving successful and ROI generating permission assets and trust seals.

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Collection of Assets


Assets are PDF files or web pages that manufacturer websites release for their customers to help them learn more about their products, as well as diverse and valuable application techniques. Before proceeding with the spreadsheet itself, find available assets to be used through Google search. The easy way to do this is use search terms that your visitors will find helpful and useful for them. In case of laboratory equipment manufacturers and distributors, these keywords would be like "common errors", "how-to guide", and "tolerance chart" of any application. Each application note will focus on one of these topics such as "10 Common Mistakes in Using Analytical Balance". Topics like this will surely capture people's attention as it is very beneficial and worthy to be downloaded.

Make sure that the assets you are getting have timely and accurate content, and are from credible sources. For distributor websites, a great source of assets are their products' manufacturer websites. Another great technique to quickly find assets from these websites is to type site:<manufacturer's domain> <search term> in Google's search engine. For example, .pdf. This way, you will be able to get all the PDF files available in the website and then just pick the ones that can be used as permission assets.


Creating Inventory of Assets


1st Sheet Tab: Assets


Once you've gathered enough assets, the next step is to catalog them or create an inventory of it in a spreadsheet file. Do not worry about putting specific data in the file as these are not yet the final changes you will be doing on the site. The flow and organization of the whole task is going to be a lot simpler if the collection of assets is done by product category. Take a look at your analytics and see where you have the highest potential returns or the pages that generate the most number of traffic to help you choose which category to work on first.


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Your spreadsheet's columns should be headed by the following main information:

  • Asset Title
    This is taken from the cover of the PDF file or title of the web page.

  • Audience
    These people are already implied to be interested in your asset as they have visited the category you're working on based from the analytics results.

  • Pages
    This column refers to the pages on your site where you would want or likely to place your asset.

  • Type
    States the type of your permission asset. Any tag will do like "How To", "Guide", and "News".

  • Source
    In this column you will indicate where you got the permission asset.

  • URL
    The ideal URL to input here should directly open the PDF file or web page if possible. The column is placed at the end on purpose as the URL is usually longer and takes too much space. The reason why we like to search for PDF's the first go-around is that you'll often find very good content in it as the manufacturers print those out for sales support and out in the field.


2nd Sheet Tab: Sitemap

The second tab of your spreadsheet is dedicated to the Sitemap of your category. For 3-level deep category from homepage, the column starts with Top Level Category, followed by Secondary Level Category, and lastly Product Detail Page. This structure is typical for a lab equipment distributor website.

You can get the sitemap by just typing in <your domain>.com/sitemap.xml. If you don't have this, you can use online tools that can create a sitemap for you by crawling your website. Screaming Frog is also a great SEO spider tool to crawl a site and generate a sitemap for you.


3rd Sheet Tab: Asset Target Placement & Audience

Now that you have completed your asset inventory and sitemap, it's time to put them together following the steps below.

  1. Create a new sheet for target placement and audience.
  2. Paste the sitemap and the Asset Title column from the first sheet. You can also add a column for Secondary Asset Title as supporting information for your viewers.
  3. See what pages from the selected category section of your site you would want to place a banner ad that will promote your permission asset. 

There are no rules to follow on choosing the placements of your promotional banner ads. However, for the sake of good ethics, we suggest to position a banner ad only on page/s where the manufacturer of the asset is used. Top and secondary level category pages can be used to place banner ads from any manufacturer that has its products in the page. 

We strongly suggest you to get all the assets you can because the more targeted permission assets you get, the more placements you can have on your site and the promotion of it will be much more successful. Permission asset plays a major role in your conversion rate optimization as it will implement calls-to-action of how you are going to generate the email addresses and contact information of the visitors coming to your website.


Use of Trust Seals

We can use various trust seals on a page to achieve high performing product conversion rate optimization plan. This includes having testimonials, logos of your clients, special or promotion offers, guarantee in service and delivery methods, association listings you belong to, and upcoming events you are participating in. These materials and facts should be correctly mapped out on the site as it will enforce brand and product credibility, and build trust with your users.

Learn how to implement the trust seals in the most effective way through our guides & tips below.

  • Testimonial
    Don't just use the client or user testimonials anywhere on the site. Make sure each testimonial is particularly helpful on the page where it will be shown. For example, if you are highly considering government compliance and calibration of your products, a testimonial from EPA or NIST would be more beneficial on the product detail pages. Furthermore, your testimonials should come from companies, organizations or communities in the same industry where you belong.

  • Logos
    The logos that you will use should be sourced out from your clients, companies or organizations in the same industry where your customers and products belong. This way, you are sure that the visitors get an excellent perspective on the integrity of your product.

  • Offer
    Special or promotions offers can vary as you go throughout the site but always cover the key pages. Offers can be as good as Free Shipping and 30% discount on specific bundle purchase.

  • Guarantee
    Having guarantee on the website and secondary assets or PDF reinforces unique sales propositions such as "Largest Selection in USA" and "Ships Next Day". Guarantee and Offers can also be combined to build a really strong call-to-action.

  • Association and Events
    Remember that the associations and events you will present are known, trustworthy, and geared towards the industry of your product or focus of the page. 


Implementation on the Website

After settling the assets and trust seals, our Design Team will create the perfect positions for the banner ads and send to you for approval before our Development Team pushes it live on the site together with the trust seals. The Marketing Team will come up with a compelling ad copy or content for the banners and squeeze pages. This is going to be a laborious work but it definitely pays off with increase in conversion rate on your website and generation of sales leads.



Interested in Using Permission Assets to Boost Sales Leads?

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