An Introduction to The Google Display Network

SCI Global Services launched its weekly Clever Clients Webinar program last October 19, 2016, starting it off with an introductory episode to the Google Display Network. The invite-only Clever Clients Webinar is scheduled to run every Wednesday at 11AM for all of its clients for the next 12 weeks. It is presented by John Buie, the founder and President of SCI Global Services, David Dieterle, Business Development Director of the SCI Global Services Atlanta Office, as well as representatives from the Marketing and Design Teams.


Kicking off the pilot webinar, John presented part 1 of 3 on the Google Display Network series. Checkout the recorded video below. 



The live webinar aims to provide valuable strategies and information to enlighten clients on the kind of work the SCI Global Services Team offers including the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) the team follows and some helpful tips on how to manage and update client accounts as well how to understand monthly reports regularly sent by the team. It is segmented into three parts, each segment ending with a question and answer portion to answer any concerns raised by participating clients.


The SCI Global Services Team has been using the Google Display Network (GDN) for awhile now, however focusing on only one particular aspect. This aspect, the retargeting/remarketing strategy, involves visitors going to a website with a specific code embedded on it. The code drops a “cookie” on the visitors’ web-browser, following them as they travel the web by showing targeted banner ads based on the cookie added.

When users come into your website and check on particular product categories but do not make any conversions, the team can create product or product category specific banner ads with appropriate call-to-actions (CTAs) and unique selling propositions (USPs) to help drive users back  to the product or category detail page they were initially interested at. These ads are served throughout 2+ million websites across GDN, are highly effective, and works great on client campaigns running it.  With Google rolling out more advanced targeting options in the GDN, SCI Global Services plans to leverage these 2+ million premium branded websites to reach audiences who have not only participated in previous transactions on your website but also to target audiences based on their behavior and interests across the world wide web.


As Google has a 92% reach of the entire internet, they have a really good profile of every web-surfer out there including their interests and behavior. With the more advanced GDN targeting options made available last June 2016, targeting these people based on their past behavior is now possible.

SCI Global Services is a good company to work with when it comes to applying these advanced targeting methods as ever since it came out five months ago, the team has not just doubled down but quadrupled down efforts on the Google Display Network. With 14 staff certified in Google AdWords and Google Analytics, the company shows commitment in making sure its team members are well-trained and have done extensive research and testing in-house to ensure high quality implementation of these campaign types.



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By strategically placing banner ads to target behavior, just like above a website’s fold, products are purposely positioned to reach its intended audiences. The 10 commonly used ad sizes on GDN that would give higher impressions and results are shown on the screenshot below. These are the sizes that the SCI Global Services Team would focus on when we build out a GDN campaign for your website.

What makes a great GDN Banner Ad?


One type of an effective banner ad makes use of real people enjoying the benefits of the product or service that you offer. It also includes a clear headline, straight-on details on what is being sold, and a strong call-to-action.



What Ad Copy to Test?


SCI Global Services designs multiple types of ads for B2B companies and vertical industries such as manufacturing lab equipment or distributing lab equipment to achieve tremendous amount of impressions and views across the GDN. By testing various ad copies (faces vs products, all texts, all graphics, different call-to-actions), visuals, and messaging, we can see what would work best for your product as well as the particular audience you want to target.

Now with a background on what Google Display Banner ads are, what these look like, and how these are displayed and used to target users, you are now ready to learn the details on how the advanced GDN targeting methods work. Read more about this segment here.



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