All About Drip, Triggered, and Transactional Email Marketing Campaigns


Email Marketing is not as simple as creating compelling and creative newsletters. More importantly, it is a strong marketing campaign that considers the audience's needs and the business' goals. There are three types of email marketing campaigns to meet specific requirements of both ends and these are Drip Campaign, Triggered Campaign, and Transactional Campaign. Read through to find out the distinctions, purposes, and other important details of each campaign that every marketing specialist should know.

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Drip Campaign

A set of pre-written messages sent out to targeted customers and prospects over a period of time. Drip emails are automated and fired based on a pre-defined time interval, user actions, or a combination of both. People refer to it as Drip Marketing because of the way information is sent out to subscribers – in small, relevant “drips”. There are several ways to deploy a Drip Marketing Campaign but the goal remains the same and that is to keep your users engaged with your product or service.

Creating a Drip Campaign helps deliver the relevant information at the right time because its content is tailored on how a subscriber interacts with your brand or where they are in the sales cycle. Hence, drip campaign nurtures and makes the flow of your sales leads continuous. By automating the process, you are able to spend less time educating the customers about your product and more time closing deals.

Listed below are 6 types of drip marketing emails to help you determine the best course of campaign for your subscribers and goals.

  1. Top-of-Mind
    The message relayed in this drip email type keeps your leads engaged with your company throughout the sales process. This can either be in the form of supplementary downloads, company updates, news updates or new stock announcements.

  2. Educational
    These drips provide relevant product information like specification sheets, brochures, or application notes to prepare your subscribers for purchase.

  3. Re-engagement
    This type of drips is used to recapture interest from your colder leads. For ecommerce websites, this would usually involve the use of special promotional codes or product recommendations to encourage them to go back to your site and browse through pages.

  4. Competitive
    The target of competitive drips are the customers of competing brands by providing them with the benefits of switching to your product or service.

  5. Promotional
    The purpose of Promotional Drips is to convince leads to make a purchase by providing limited-run promotions or pricing offers.

  6. Training
    These drips are used to guide leads or subscribers through a training program such as tutorials on how to use your products or how to apply certain processes with the use of your product.



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Triggered Campaigns

Triggered Campaign is also similar to Drip Campaign in the aspect of sending it out based on events taken by your subscriber's actions. Here are some of the most common B2B triggered email marketing types that we do for our clients:

  1. Cart Abandonment
    This type of triggered campaign sends emails to registered users who have added products to their carts but did not complete the purchase via check-out. The email should deliver a friendly reminder to the user about the products left in their cart and should encourage them to revisit it.

  2. Satisfaction Survey
    As implied, satisfaction survey emails ask the customer for feedback on their purchase and check-out experience with the store or a review of the product they bought. The message in this email also shows your care and drive to improvement for your customer's ease in using the website and transaction process, as well as for the product.

  3. Recommended Product
    A triggered email for customers who purchased a certain product that gives them other product or services suggestions based off the completed transaction. This is also a good strategy to keep your customers updated of what's new in your product inventory.

  4. Why Buy From Us
    These emails reach the customers after they have registered with the unique selling proposition of the company to persuade them into making their first purchase. Discount coupon for the first order can be used to entice your recipients.

  5. Inactive Customers
    The target of this triggered email type are the customers who have not visited for a specific period of time to encourage them to return by highlighting what's new or the improvements on the site. Personally customized incentives is also a great way to push them to come back and make a purchase. 

  6. Rewards Program
    This email contains thank you discounts to customers after they have purchased a certain dollar volume or number of orders through the website. Multiple rewards at different levels may be suitable.


Transactional Campaign

Like the first two campaigns, Transactional Campaign sends out newsletter to a customer based on an action they made on the website. Compared to the first two campaigns, Transactional Campaign is not dependent on pre-set timetable, not strategically sent to recipient lists, and not a sequence of emails. The actions can be directly taken like when a user signs up for your website and they receive a welcome email for it. An action in which they were the target of could also be accredited. For an instance, when User A leaves a comment on a blog and User B responds to the comment, then User A receives an email to notify her of this response.

Here are some other sources of transactional marketing emails:

  • Email address confirmation
  • Password reset request
  • Support notification
  • Application error or crash alerts
  • Periodic invoices

The common misconception with transactional emails is that it is related to ecommerce or some financial situation. Always remember that the main goal of transactional email is to generate impressions and re-engage with your existing customers. In fact, Transactional Campaign is highly engaging and its open rates can reach 3x higher than commercial emails as customers are already expecting it based on the actions they took on your website. This email marketing campaign is a great strategy to grow your customer base as transactional emails deliver time-critical messages to the audience.

Before choosing the campaign that you think is best for your business, first you have to analyze each and every factor that can affect your marketing objectives, company goals, as well as your customers' needs, satisfaction, and behavior. At SCI Global, our marketing experts strategically plans and details these aspects to make sure we're executing the right email marketing campaign for our clients.



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