5 Recommended Tools for Building, Growing, and Maintaining Email Lists

Sending an effective email marketing campaign is one of the quickest ways to increase quality web traffic, conversions, and sales. But before you start planning and releasing B2B campaigns out, ensure that these will reach a wide audience in your targeted markets. As an initial and critical step, spend time working on and building your mailing lists. Watch this video and continue reading to learn easy ways on how you can boost your B2B lists.



There are a lot of tools available online that can be utilized to grow email marketing lists. However, it is important to review each and identify which ones offer the best quality data as most of these may just generate the same business prospects, diminishing list value because people from the same industry may have already purchased these and are already using them all together.

The key is to tackle and build your B2B mailing lists from as many angles as possible to keep it unique and of high value. Some of these ways include maximizing free tools from LinkedIn, Outlook 360, Google Apps for Business as well as using reliable and cost-effective tools such as ClearBit and Unomy.  



Most people are probably not aware that LinkedIn allows its members to download real email addresses of their connections for free. But take note that these do not include email addresses of a company page’s followers. The main reason why LinkedIn only allows access to information from personal connections and not from brand/company connections/followers is because LinkedIn ultimately promotes forming personal relationships among its members.


Before extracting email addresses from LinkedIn connections, a company’s brand ambassador/owner/marketing lead/etc should review its LinkedIn company page first, send a direct message to each of its follower and add these as personal connections. This way, the personal account can be used to export and download all possible contact email addresses.

Follow these steps to download email addresses of your LinkedIn connections:

  1. Go to the LinkedIn Settings Page.
  2. Request from LinkedIn to send your Data Archive that contains all email addresses of your connections. Note: It may take around 24 hours for LinkedIn to send the complete information but you will receive an email from them within half an hour to an hour with the download link to the first batch of contact details.
  3. Download the CSV formatted file. 
  4. Open the CSV file through Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. 


Email Clients

Majority of  email clients have the ability to store its contacts automatically. Outlook 360, the online version of MS Outlook, and Google Apps for Business save every address you send emails to, even if you do not manually add these in your address book. 

Here are the steps on how to export contacts from your email client: 

  1. Go to your email client’s contacts tab.
  2. Find the automatically added contact list. If you are using Google Apps for Business, check the “Other Contacts” tab.
  3. Export the CSV file. Choose the Outlook CSV format as it will give the best data quality for importing.
  4. Clean the list and import to your CRM or email marketing service provider.


Inbound Emails

Get better and more targeted contact lists by utilizing features of Outlook 360 and Google Apps for Business to download archived data including all emails sent and received, complete with headers, to-and-from information, and the complete email body. 


One advantage of reviewing inbound emails to multiply your contact lists compared to just exporting automatically saved addresses from your email client is that it can help segment lists before putting these into email marketing service providers. This is done by reviewing email correspondences with contacts and searching what particular product each one was interested at based on email exchanges. From there, separate lists or segments can be created to specifically target contacts and tailor email marketing campaigns. 

SCI Global Services encourages its clients to give importance to list segmentation as developing these lists can significantly increase email marketing effectiveness.


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ClearBit is a web scraper tool that does an awesome job in finding publicly available contact information of individuals throughout the web. Accurate and precise lists are generated as ClearBit matches its scraped data with other data sources.

There are various ways on how ClearBit generates lists. You can simply throw a company domain name and a job title on its website dashboard to find contacts in a snap. There is also a batch tool available that lets you upload a CSV file, returning a similar report after. 

ClearBit has a SalesForce add-on as well but if you are not a SalesForce customer, you can install the Google Apps plug-in and use it with Google Sheets to generate business prospect data instead. Download the plug-in and access it from Google Sheets by clicking on View and selecting the ClearBit add-on under it. 


SCI Global Services also used to work with SalesForce up until we switched to a full-brown Odoo ERP system, a fantastic CRM module where everything is integrated -- from sending quotes through it right through the ecommerce side. Hit us up if you want to learn more about the module and we can help you get started. 

Cool ClearBit tools that you can utilize with the plug-in include the Enrichment Tool, Prospector Tool, and the Discovery Tool.

Enrichment Tool - this tool helps in getting full contact information for a company. It allows using company level or user level information to enrich contact data and make these import ready to the CRM system or email marketing service provider. 


Find new contacts using the Enrichment Tool through these steps:

  1. On the Google Sheet, click the Enrichment Tab from the plug-in.
  2. Highlight the rows or columns with data (list of URLs of target companies) you want to work on.
  3. Check the new tab created to see firmer graphics on the company searched including its company category. 


Prospector Tool - this tool allows you to input company name, job title, seniority level and other criterias to generate the list that you are looking for. 

Find new contacts using the Prospector Tool through these steps:

  1. On the Google Sheet, click the Enrichment Tab from the plug-in.
  2. Highlight the rows or columns of data you want to work on.
  3. Click “Use Selected Domains” from the ClearBit plug-in. To narrow down results, you can also add the following as filters: job title, seniority level, and the number of results you want to see. 
  4. Check the new tab created for contact information of people who matched your search query. 
  5. Check on data imported including LinkedIn profiles of contacts.
  6. Review these profiles to get any other information you can add before importing to the CRM or adding to contact sheets. 

You can generate very segmented contact lists by collecting all companies and job titles you want to target and using the prospector tool to multiply the list. From there, you can tailor email marketing campaigns for better conversions and sales. 

Discovery Tool - This tool helps in finding companies that you are already selling into. It also explore verticals or similar industries to find contacts to target. 



Unomy showcases an awesome interface where you can filter through and find the exact contacts you are looking for. Coming with an easy-to-use Google Chrome plug-in, it can intelligently segment and help add the right people to your mailing list. 

Generate new mailing lists through Unomy with these steps:

  1. Visit the website of the company you want to add in your list.
  2. Look for a contact listed or a company profile. Note: Unomy also works with pages showing links to other companies.
  3. Click on the blue Unomy plug-in icon.
  4. Click the link icon. This will start the analysis of links found on the company’s contact page.
  5. Check the new tab created inside Unomy. It will give an overview of the targeted company with relevant business information.
  6. Select the People tab to see contact names with job titles generated from the company. LinkedIn profiles also appear in the results so utilize these to get more contact details.
  7. Export all relevant information needed and import this to the CRM or email marketing service provider. 

Unomy is a good tool as it offers tons of features and data without you paying right away. You can preview names as well as job titles of contacts and use the search box to narrow down results by management position, seniority, and more. The only time that you will get charged is when you click on the Unlock button that lets you download a contact’s full profile.  

Easily multiply and boost your B2B mailing lists with the recommended no-cost and low-cost tools mentioned above. Not only can collected contact information be used in your email marketing campaigns, but these could also be helpful for your sales team, utilizing aggregated details for inbound and outbound calls. SCI Global Services use these tools for proactive outreach campaigns, permission assets, and for email marketing campaigns featuring running promotions of our clients, generating huge amount of results. 

**Take note that these tools are only recommended for B2B purposes as it is not advised to send unsolicited business emails outside the US.


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